FINN Cases

Working together with our partners we have successfully setup some pilots that rethink business models.

No usecases yet...

IoT payments for your industry

We are active in multiple industries and see major potential for the following industries.

Automotive & Services

  • Autonomous car wash
  • Smart fuel station
  • Seamless parking

Home & Buildings

  • Connected home appliances
  • Smart building access
  • Pay-per use meeting room

Product as a service

  • Coffee as a service
  • Washing as a service
  • Anything as a service

Retail & Consumer goods

  • Automated tool renting
  • Smart refill of bottled goods
  • Automated delivery

Smart City & Transportation

  • Automated tollway
  • Seamless vehicle sharing
  • Pay per use loading poles

Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Smart track & trace
  • Autonomous transfer point
  • Advanced industrial cleaning