Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We all get lost sometimes, or we just forgot to read the manual. That’s why we’ve summed up the most frequently asked questions and provided them with a clear answer. Just in case you can’t find your answer, feel free to drop us a line on Slack or email us.

What is FINN? And what is its connection to ING bank?

FINN is a complete toolkit to monetize IoT projects. We make things pay autonomously, by adding trigger-based payments to smart devices. Our software allows a seamless connection between smart devices, allowing them to make transactions on behalf of people. 

We originated from ING bank by winning the innovation challenge. We operate as a scale up under the wings of ING - which means we are still fully owned by ING. Originating from a bank, we have the highest security standards.

What solution does FINN offer?

Smart devices communicate with you or with other devices through embedded sensors and data exchanged via an internet connection. Example: your coffee machine will let you know it almost runs out of beans. Smart devices can now act on the data they are measuring and tell it is time to take action. 

So, your coffee machine buys new coffee beans - without you having to step in. FINN has a toolkit that adds triggers to any smart device. And we have a portal to connect these triggers to safe and secure actions such as actual payments, enabling your smart device to make autonomous payments!

How does it work technically?

So, we enable smart devices to do autonomous payments. To add payments to smart devices we use different technologies. 

First, watch our video

Depending on your device you can choose to use our software development kits in NodeJS, Phyton, ESP32, Java, Android Things.


The FINN Software Development Kit (SDK) allows makers to quickly enable smart devices, such as cameras or smart plugs to act on real-time data from sensors, and trigger transactions.

  • FINN supports Raspberry Pi or other Ubuntu OS (debian) devices
  • The FINN SDK’s are available in Python, C, Node-JS, Android Things and soon in Swift


FINN App SDK and Companion App

The app allows users to register their smart device, securely add their payment mandate and control how payments are made while being able to view their transactions without leaving the app.

  • Apps available in iOS and Android
  • Comes in Companion App for testing and App mSDK to add FINN’s features to existing customer apps


FINN Portal

Here, triggers and actions are configured, algorithms managed and statistics are displayed.

  • Queue micro transactions
  • Configurable payment options and sliced pay-out options
Which industries does FINN work in/for?

Over time, we've taken steps in the fields of:

Automotive & service
Think smart car wash and smart parking: letting your car pay for the car wash or parking. 

Smart home
Think smart appliances or smart home access. Like building a smart coffee machine, ordering new beans before it’s empty. 

Smart city transportation
Think smart payment for the tollway or at loading poles.

Smart manufacturing & logistics

Think payment for delivery or smart refill of bottled goods.

Which problems does FINN solve?

FINN comes in to make autonomous payments possible. This can make your product (and your processes) faster, smarter and more reliable. Launching a smart device or adding payment to an existing one? We can help you:

Improve operational efficiency 
Reduce customer waiting time by automating payments. Make your processes run faster and smart. And refocus your staff on core business.

Increase your revenue
Create a smooth customer experience, enabling you to serve new target groups, reduce churn and increase customer loyalty. 

Future proof your company
Tap into the connected future and delight your clients with long lasting service models.

What does pay-per-use entail?

Pay-per-use is a payment structure in which a customer has access to unlimited resources, but only pays for what they actually use. This business model is coming up everywhere, as a way to reach new target groups and create more revenue streams. Access to quality products are becoming the norm for customers, while ownership gets less important. Pay-per-use and IoT are a perfect match. FINN comes in to make pay-per-use IoT products pay autonomously.