Use case: autonomous carwash

Autonomous payments offer endless opportunities for innovation across many industries. One of those is the automotive industry. We took our first steps by setting up a smart carwash pilot. And here’s how we did it.

Hey, get your car washed today

Going through a carwash can be an enjoyable experience. Remember what is was like when you went through the carwash for the first time as a kid? However, like many things in life, the excitement fades when you grow up. And our busy adult lives make us want to leave the carwash as quick as possible. 


So, companies start looking for ways to make the carwash process more efficient, with less steps involved. And without payment worries! We set out to solve this challenge. The result? A smart carwash pilot, made in cooperation with Avutec, Extendas and LEUS carwash. In this project, FINN made autonomous, automatic payments possible for the car wash customers. 


Having a hard time visualizing how it works? We made you a video. 

So, after setting up the FINN app the customer enters the car wash. A smart camera recognizes his license plate, which is the trigger for the preferred car wash program. And then? Just get that motor running, we’ll take care of the payment. Automatically and autonomously. And it will be like that with each next visit!

The future possibilities

We think payments will drive automotive innovation. There’s still a lot of ground to be gained. We need to start thinking about future possibilities now. The rise of autonomous vehicles for instance, will mean a transformation for the automotive industry. A transformation including the inclusion of autonomous payments. And when the time comes, we’ll be ready for it. 


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