Use case: connected car

Car manufacturers keep looking for ways to make lives of their drivers more convenient. And they need to, cause research by Autotrader shows nearly 60 percent of millennials and 40 percent of older adults would change brands if another car manufacturer offered the technology they’re looking for.

For a well-known German car brand, FINN created a pilot involving a concept car and a tollway. We integrated our software in the car – enabling it to make autonomous payments. 


How we got it working

In this pilot, we showed a car is able to pay on your behalf - in a safe manner. No need for the driver to stop at the tollway, because the payment is done automatically. We got it working by integrating our FINN software in one of the concept cars.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The car driver registers himself using the car brand’s app
  2. He pairs the connected device (in this case: the car) to the app by scanning a QR code on the car (generated by the FINN SDK).
  3. While enjoying a refreshing drink, the driver selects the preferred service he wants the car to pay for. In this case: the toll ticket
  4. Final step is authorising the car to make a payment on the driver’s behalf. This is done via the app by approving the terms and giving a mandate.
  5. Now the car is all set and ready!
  6. While driving, the car recognises the location and notices he’s approaching a toll way. The car is triggered to pay for the toll-ticket by making a call to FINN. Then FINN informs the toll company that the car has already paid and is on its way, so they can open the toll gate as soon as the license plate is recognised.
  7. When the car driver passes the toll gate, he gets a notification in the cars head unit saying that the amount will be added to the queue of its bank account. Simple & easy.

Are customers willing to pay extra?

Adding autonomous payments improves the experience of customers significantly. We spoke with quite some of the brand's customers. They rate their connection with the brand higher when this feature is added to the car! According to the survey, these drivers are even willing to pay an extra 5% for the feature.

Curious for more? Download the full use case below.


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