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It doesn’t matter if you already have an existing product or are just exploring possibilities in IoT: our IoT toolkit is here to make your innovation happen.

The toolkit consists of three parts: our software development kit (to make a prototype), our dashboard (to manage data and devices) and our app (for your customers).

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Here's why you need this toolkit

Stepping into IoT technology sounds like quite some work. This toolkit takes away the barriers to work with IoT. It’s an understandable ecosystem to add autonomous IoT payments to smart devices and to monetize your IoT solution!

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How it works

1. Define your product

Think of an exciting IoT solution and define the role payment can play. Example: your product could be a smart coffee machine that notifies you when it needs new beans. It can even make an order on your behalf! But it’s up to you to decide when automatic payment comes in. A trigger could be if there’s less than 20% beans left. It’s crucial this is fully defined, before you walk through our SDK and determine actions.

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2. Set it up

With our Software Development Kit you’re able to add triggers to any smart device. This is the starting point to make your IoT product or service pay autonomously. Available in NodeJS, Python, C++ and Android Things. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, your developers probably know. It’s completely open source and easy to implement.

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3. Configure your service

How to use FINN in your product? Completely up to you! Every integration is different, so we made it customizable how you want to configure FINN. In our dashboard you can add actions to certain triggers. Think 'if this, then that'. Besides that, you can:

Manage all of your customer data and devices
Keep track of real time data insights
Onboard partners and suppliers
4. Onboard your customers

Let your customers interact with your service through the FINN app, either iOS or Android . After onboarding, the users can add a payment method. Want to give your user a fully branded experience? Then integrate FINN within your platform - using our Mobile SDK.

5. Generate your revenue

After a service is triggered, we deduct costs from the bank account of your customers. This is how you get the revenue streams flowing.

// Clone the SDK
git clone https://github.com/BankingofThings/BoT-NodeJS-SDK.git
cd BoT-NodeJS-SDK

// Prepare environment (raspberry pi)
make environment-debian

// Install dependencies
make install

Developer centric

Whatever your IoT solution, rapidly build it with production-ready integrations from the FINN Toolkit. Our developer's documentation is easy to follow, saving you months of work, so you can focus on the core customer and product experiences of your product.

Open source SDK: available in 6 languages
Webhooks: Enables the FINN app to exchange data with the customers app. And vice versa.

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FINN Triangle of Trust

Security and compliance

With our ING background we apply bank grade security in our system. We’re held to the security standards as a world-class bank. And we based our Triangle of Trust upon a safe infrastructure for sharing data. If one element doesn’t work, everything stops working – ensuring safety.

App communication sent with a Secure Remote password protocol
First class integrity checks with active encryption scheme

Innovate your business!

The FINN software is open source, a starter account allows notifications and pairing up to 5 devices for free.

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