Easy access to high-quality assets

Leasing equipment via pay-per-use

As people prefer access to appliances over ownership more and more, the demand for pay-per-use solutions increases. FINGLE responds by teaming upwith partners to offer access to high-quality machinery and equipment — on a pay-per-use lease basis. By stepping away from the traditional lease model, we give the opportunity for you to link the costs with your revenue. Interested? Sign up and we’ll give you a demo.

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Our business solutions

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The whole package

FINGLE improves customer satisfaction. How? By giving your customers access to a wide range of assets - including insurance, service and maintenance. Little paperwork, promised.

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Valuable insights to act upon

Whatever smart asset you lease, it gets your usage data. Act on the insights deriving from this data to make operations more effective and reduce costs.

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A safe bet

FINGLE is a collaboration between ING and FINN. In the authentication & billing process, we follow all bank security protocols.

One step at a time

Here’s how FINGLE works

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Choose your asset

Check our lease page for a wide range of assets. Choose the one you’d like to use and get an overview of the costs.

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Calculate your price

Select the amount of assets, the usage level and the period you need it for. Hit calculate to get your pay-per-use offer.

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Get your asset delivered

Happy with the proposal? Complete the form and we’ll get you the seller's contact details to make an appointment for delivery.

Supporting the circular economy transition

Switching to pay-per-use leasing is a great way to lower the barrier for customers to use high-value products. It’s a circular choice for both business and customer. Leasing pay-per-use makes sure the assets are used more frequently, meaning less idle time and a longer life-time cycle!


And in for a trial?

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