Lease equipment via pay-per-use

Lease equipment via pay-per-use

Don’t feel like investing in expensive equipment you won’t use on a daily base? We can imagine. There must be a smarter way... And there is. FINGLE takes a step beyond. We offer pay-per-use leasing by combining smart assets from different parties, all in one simple pay-per-use lease contract.

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Benefits of pay-per-use leasing

Via traditional leasing you rent an asset over a period of time in return for fixed rental payments. A big con of traditional leasing is the long-term agreements you can get locked into. You often pay a fee for a long period. Offering pay-per-use lease is our smart response to this trend! It means:

More efficient use of assets
No maintenance or insurance costs
Better automation, less paperwork

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A wide range of assets

FINGLE gives access to a wide range of assets — including insurance, service and maintenance. With little paperwork, promised.

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Valuable insights to act upon

Whatever smart asset you lease, it gets you usage data. By acting on the insights deriving from this data you can make smart decisions to improve your operations.

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A safe bet

FINGLE is a collaboration between ING and FINN – Banking of Things. In the billing process, all bank security protocols are met.

One step at a time

Here’s how FINGLE works

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1. Choose your asset

Check our lease page for various assets. Choose the one you’d like to use and get an overview of the costs. 

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2. Calculate your price

Select the product you need, the usage level and the period you need it for. Hit calculate to get your pay-per-use offer.

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3. Get your asset delivered

Happy with the proposal? Give your consent and we’ll get you the chosen asset soon.

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4. Start using assets on a pay-per-use basis

You will only pay for the actual time you make use of the ordered asset.


And in for a trial?

Leave us your e-mail address. We will get in touch for a live demo.