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For many of us, the car is the ultimate symbol of freedom. But, in order to keep it going, you need to pay along the way. From parking tickets to gas, from crossing the tollway to the car wash. The Internet of Things changes everything. You can now pay from the comfort of your car. Or even better: your car is able to pay on your behalf. In a safe manner.

The world looks different since the COVID-19 outbreak. We think the shift to a low touch economy (better hygiene / new communication tools) is here to stay. This leads to new emerging needs, also in automotive innovation. Pay by car offers great opportunities, both for car owners and service suppliers.

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Our ready-to-go solutions

Together with our partners we have successfully setup multiple pay by car-pilots.

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Drive through

Drive-through initiatives are popping up everywhere lately. Great way to anticipate to the low touch economy. But how to handle payment?

Whatever your business may be, we can help you transform to a drive-through – where payments get done autonomously. How? With a ready to go proposition we like to call pay-per-plate: autonomous payments by license plate number. We’ll set up a drive through for you, making use of a smart camera with our software inside.

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Smartening your car

Currently, we’re working on the Mobility Connector. This is a smart dongle you can place in your car – to make it smart. Our aim with the mobility connector is to grow the number of smart cars and to improve mobility services for connected cars.

This Connector is a starting point for consumers to add better services to their car usage. We enable service providers to create services for connected cars. It is the base for future smart mobility innovations. For instance, the Mobility Connector is able to recognize when a car stops in a parking zone. The car will automatically start paying for the parking, until the engine starts running again.

Finn Autonomous Car Payments Infographic

Autonomous car payments

This solution is all about integrating our software in the car. Connected cars will become financial entities, that handle transactions autonomously. Our software can be integrated to enable various services offered by a car brand, straight from the cars control panels.

We already successfully piloted an autonomous tollway payment with a big German car brand.

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How these solutions impact your business

The ready to go solutions set out above can help your business to:

1. Make the user journey for car owners seamless

Improving the value of your brand or service.

2. Create a COVID-19 proof 'no touch' user journey

Complete contactless payment, without physical contact or handling cash.

3. Gain competitive advantage

By offering new services with our innovative software.

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