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Smart Rental

Renting equipment can be done in several ways. Most common is to rent for a certain period of time.. That is how we know machine and tool renting. A new way to expand business is by offering a pay per use renting proposition. Exciting for rental companies or equipment manufacturers to tap into new markets.

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Access to quality products becomes more important than ownership. So why not charge customers for their actual usage? Offering pay-per-use is a great way to give your customers access to high-cost products. Switching to this business model increases the perceived value of your service and can create long-term customer relations.

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Autonomous payments

More and more smart devices operate autonomously - monitoring themselves and acting on data. Our IoT payment toolkit adds payments to any smart device. Adding our software enables smart devices to make financial transactions among each other. This will improve your operational efficiency and increase business

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Yes, we’ve got the infrastructure and the software, but above all we know how to boost your business with IoT payments. We’ve got:

Experience in every sector
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