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The internet of things creates one big network of connected and communicating devices. More and more devices are able to operate autonomous without human interference. We at FINN enable smart devices to make financial transactions. A growing population of connecteddevices will start handling payments autonomously. This will have great impact on businessesand the financial sector and that is exactly where we come in. To adapt to this new reality, your company should act today.

Our IoT payment platform enables smart devices to pay autonomously. With our IoT toolkit you can add payments to any smart device. This helps your business to:

  • Increase potential customer base
  • Increase perceived value
  • Improves customer relations

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IoT triggered payments

Everyday devices - from coffee machines to cars - get equipped with smart sensors and self-monitoring tools. IoT triggered payments are pretty straightforward. It follows If this, then that. Take a smart printer for instance. If it senses ink levels are low, then it decides to order more ink and the customer is charged automatically.

Research report: Forrester's 'The dawn of autonomous finance'

Research report: Forrester's 'The dawn of autonomous finance'

The well-established research company Forrester published their report ‘The dawn of autonomous finance’. FINN was interv...

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Intelligent IoT transactions

The intelligence and the level of autonomy of devices grow. This goes further than automating mundane tasks. Think of making decisions with the trust of their owners or arranging their own insurance. A good example is a solar panel that autonomously decides if the price is high enough to start selling electric current.

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Completely autonomous transactions

Smart devices become autonomous market participants in their own right, with an own bank account. These devices will make autonomous financial transactions among each other. Think of a smart fridge lending money from the vacuum cleaner to order new milk – without human interference.

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