Boost your business with IoT payments

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Improve operational efficiency

Reduce customer waiting time by automating payments. Make your processes run faster and smart. And refocus your staff on core business.

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Increase your revenue          

Create a smooth customer experience, enabling you to serve new target groups, reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.

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Future-proof your business

Tap into the connected future and delight your clients with long lasting service models.

IoT payments: turn your data into autonomous action

The internet of opportunities

Did we set off too fast? Okay, let’s take a step back. What is the Internet of Things? Well, it’s all about connecting everyday products to the internet, so they can communicate with each other and with people. Technology changes have enabled the rise of this Internet of Things. It all starts with data generated by devices. Based upon that data, the devices are able to talk and act.

A whole new payment infrastructure

FINN makes things pay autonomously. Our software allows a seamless connection between smart devices, allowing them to make transactions on your behalf.  Example: think of smart coffee machine. You could add a trigger when it almost runs out of beans. After you added your bank account, you can give the device permission to automatically order new beans.

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Improve operational efficiency

Your operational process can be fully measured by connected devices. Make it more efficient by automating parts of this process. Think of reducing waiting time for your customers. Or replacing products in your store fully autonomous - to never be out of stock! Taking out the manual factor makes your process fast, smart and reliable. And it gives your staff free hands to focus on your core business.

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Increasing revenue

There are plenty of opportunities to increase potential revenue with new technologies. Think of your car paying for parking space automatically. Improving the customer experience of your existing product can result in a high revenue increase. The same goes for introducing a new approach for your business model - like adding pay-per-use services on top of existing models. Last but not least, this will also make you competitive for the future.

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Future-proof your business

Devices connected to The Internet of Things generate a massive wave of new data about your consumers. This gives your organisation visibility into your customers’ habits and needs. Want to build your proof of concept, test with payment methods or launch a breakthrough new product? Our toolkit adds autonomous IoT payments to your smart devices. Let’s build something new today!

You can easily tap into these opportunities

For every business the opportunities will be different, as will be the implementation and execution. That’s why we put together a toolkit that will help you manage this with ease.

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Innovate your business!

The FINN software is open source, a starter account allows notifications and pairing up to 5 devices for free.

Simple integration
Add triggers to your smart device
Connect triggers to actions in our Maker dashboard

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