Add autonomous payments to your IoT project

A pay-per dig excavator. A coffee machine ordering its own beans. A car paying for toll road passage. The sky is the limit. Our SDK is available in Python, C++, NodeJS, and Android Things. Check out our comprehensive documentation to get started right away.

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NodeJS Python Java Android Things ESP32
Secure connection to our API
Retrieving & triggering actions
Essential logging
Pairing with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Pairing with QR Code
Remote debugging
Offline action queueing
Configure IoT WiFi

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Make your mark

FINN is what it is today because of the help of our active community. Our team is on Slack and there to answer your questions and implement your feedback on our product. And we’d love to see your FINN project. We regularly showcase community use cases on our website – show us what you’ve got!

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How to get started

1. Think of something awesome2. Set up your experiment3. Make it pay

1. Think of something awesome

A lightbulb paying for its usage. A washing machine ordering detergent autonomously. Anything is possible.

2. Set up your experiment

Use our SDK to add triggers to smart devices and connect those to actions in the FINN Maker Portal. For example, integrate the vibration sensor into your coffee machine to monitor how many cups are brewed.

3. Make it pay

In the FINN Maker Portal, you can set up payments for your smart devices. When completed, your device will pay on the user's behalf.

FINN Devkit

FINN Development Kit

€ 85,-

Free delivery in the Netherlands.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Header
  • Grove HAT + four different sensors
  • Button
  • SD Card
  • Multi color flash LED (5mm)
  • Five 4-pin buckled cables (20cm)

All the help you can get