A bright future full of autonomous payments

We believe in a bright future. A future that’s heralded by a seamless, secure connection between devices and people. We are here to show entrepreneurs the endless opportunities The Internet of Things has in store. All by making devices pay in a safe way.

The FINN Team
ING Headquarters

Under the wings of ING

We’re operating under the wings of ING. Originating from a bank, we follow all bank security protocols. Making us a safe bet. We can hear you thinking: how did it all start? Well, some passionate ING employees saw the opportunities in connecting banking and the Internet of Things. And after winning the ING innovation boot camp in the category ‘most disruptive’, we knew we were on to something.
Rocket launch

Fast on our feet

Coming up with creative ideas is one thing. To get them off the ground is another. Making things happen and being fast on our feet is what characterizes our entire team. Call us Speedy Gonzalez’s. We turn talk into action. And into actual autonomous payments. Together we create an environment for forward movement and innovation – without ever losing security out of sight.

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