Innovation in IoT Payments: Our Story

The FINN team consists of enthusiasts with different backgrounds and nationalities. But we all share the same passion for innovation. And while we believe our product holds tremendous business value, it's this passion that drives us. It drives us to create, to disrupt, and to always keep learning.

The FINN Team

A step forward

We firmly believe in the potential of a service-led economy. And while we're already seeing shifts to this model happening everywhere, payments and smart devices aren't a harmonious pair yet. That’s why FINN is a game changer, for both maker and user.

The developer portal gives you full insight on the FINN implementation in your product, allowing actions and triggers to be defined. On the other side, the companion app allows for seamless pairing with smart devices and the user’s preferred payment methods.

FINN Maker Portal Actions overview

You're in control

FINN's maker portal gives you a full overview of your project. Here, you can define triggers and actions and see payment statistics. The portal serves as your personal FINN developer hub. It stores all data regarding the usage of your device by your end-user. This user interacts with your device through the FINN companion app.

FINN Companion App

A seamless user experience

To connect with your smart device, the user will employ the FINN companion app. Through the app, they can connect a payment method to their device of choice. The intuitive interface gives a clear view of all services (defined by you, the developer) available to the user. They can easily add a device via Bluetooth or by scanning a QR code. And of course they can remove services and devices any time.

Laptop with code

FINN for your company

We offer personally tailored solutions for enterprises. FINN's software is exceptionally suited for large-scale operations in the field of digital identification, automated smart payments, and more. If you're interested in using our SDK for your company, contact us.