Growing your business with usage-based pricing models

Shifting to usage-based pricing models is not new, but there is a renewed interest. New possibilities arise from the combination of developing sensor technology and massive amounts of data. Connected smart devices create a new layer to already existing usage-based pricing models. Want to grow your business by entering new markets, new business models and additional pricing? FINN is here to help tapping into these business opportunities.

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FINN Desktop Illustration

Easily scalable

Whether you want to add payments to an existing IoT device or start from scratch. FINN makes it work.

FINN Security Illustration

Bank-grade security

Extensive KYC procedure and world class security for all transactions.

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Real-time data

Access transaction and user data through the FINN dashboard.

Our business solutions

FINN Smart Rental Illustration

Smart Rental

We believe your car will be as smart as your phone one day. Due to COVID-19, payment from the comfort of your car already gets more common.

FINN Pay-Per-Use Illustration


For consumers, access to quality products becomes more important than ownership. So why not bill customers for their actual usage? Pay-per-use isa great way to..

FINN Autonomous Payments Illustration

Autonomous payments

Autonomous paying devices can act upon data and – in a few years - they will take financial decisions themselves. This will make our lives easier. For instance, these devices..

Ready, set, FINN in action!

Nowadays it’s all about making the lives of customers easier and more convenient. To make this happen, more and more businesses come up with smart solutions — combining their services with autonomous payments.

FINN comes in to make the payment process seamless and effortless. We enable devices to make autonomous payments on the customers behalf. Amongst others, we did so for a smart car wash project, where a camera registers the license plate so the driver doesn’t need to get out of the car to pay.

Car wash

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