Driving business growth by making things pay

A comprehensive ecosystem that adds autonomous IoT payments to smart devices.

  • Trigger based payments
  • Real time data insights
  • Tap into new business opportunities and revenue streams.

FINN Sunrise Illustration

Future-proof your business

The platform revolution is in full swing and Internet of Things has become a household concept. We believe this connected future provides endless value for businesses and consumers. However, autonomous payments for smart devices are still lacking.

That’s where FINN comes in. Our software is here to make your innovations possible. The core of FINN is our software development kit (SDK). Implemented in a smart device, the SDK allows you to add trigger-based payments.

Autonomous payments for every thing

IoT payments for your industry

We are active in multiple industries and see major potential for the following industries

Automotive & Services

  • Autonomous car wash
  • Smart fuel station
  • Seamless parking

Home & Buildings

  • Connected home appliances
  • Smart building access
  • Pay-per use meeting room

Product as a service

  • Coffee as a service
  • Washing as a service
  • Anything as a service

Retail & Consumer goods

  • Automated tool renting
  • Smart refill of bottled goods
  • Automated delivery

Smart City & Transportation

  • Automated tollway
  • Seamless vehicle sharing
  • Pay per use loading poles

Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Smart track & trace
  • Autonomous transfer point
  • Advanced industrial cleaning
FINN Security Illustration

Bank-grade security

Extensive KYC procedure and world class security for all transactions.

FINN Desktop Illustration


Whether you want to add payments to an existing IoT device or start from scratch. FINN makes it work.

FINN Document Illustration

Real-time data

Access transaction and user data through the FINN portal.

FINN IoT Toolkit

Our toolkit consists of a software development kit, portal, and mobile application for the end user.

FINN enabled excavator

Adding trigger-based payments

Our SDK enables your smart devices to pay autonomously. Available for your developers in NodeJS, Python, C++, and Android Things. It’s completely open source, and easy to implement. Want to take a test run? Take a look at our development kit. It contains all the hardware necessary to make a prototype and get a first look at the endless opportunities offered by FINN.

FINN Maker Dashboard

Innovation made easy

Every integration is different, so you decide exactly how to configure FINN in your product. Payments are defined with actions and triggers. Think 'if this, then that'. All this and more is available in the FINN portal. It’s also the place where you manage all of your customer data and devices.

FINN App showing my devices

IoT payments for all

FINN software suits all kinds of businesses: logistics, automotive, healthcare, and industry 4.0. It's especially perfect for pay-per-use and products-as-a-service models. Revitalize your revenue streams by offering an improved customer experience and spearheading innovation.

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