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Making IoT payments autonomous

We add secure payments to smart devices. By enabling autonomous payments we open up a whole new playing field for smart devices and machine to machine interactions. Learn how we can help you to create future proof business, enter new markets and audiences or switch to new business models. We’ve got some ready-to-go business solutions in store for you.

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Pay by car

Connected cars can handle transactions autonomously. Let us show you how to make the car your primary payment method.

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Pay-per-use is a great way to increase the perceived value of your service and to create long-term relations with your customers.

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Autonomous payments

Add autonomous payments to any smart device with our IoT payment toolkit.

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How FINN is being used

We are active in multiple industries and see major potential for the following industries:

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Use case: voice integrated autonomous payments via FINN Use case: connected carUse case: a connected cup that pays for itself

Use case: voice integrated autonomous payments via FINN

At FINN, we’re in to make the future of autonomous payments and IoT applications relevant. An exciting additional featur...

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Use case: connected car

Car manufacturers keep looking for ways to make lives of their drivers more convenient. And they need to, cause research...

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Use case: a connected cup that pays for itself

In 2019 a total of 1115 festivals were organized in The Netherlands. Lots of fun, but this industry leaves quite an ecol...

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Autonomous payments for every thing

The platform revolution is in full swing and Internet of Things has become a household concept. We believe this connected future provides endless value for businesses and consumers. However, autonomous payments for smart devices are still lacking.

That’s where FINN comes in. Our software development kit (SDK) is here to make your devices communicate and act by themselves. Implemented in a smart device, the SDK allows you to add trigger-based payments.

How it works
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Easily scalable

Whether you want to add payments to an existing IoT device or start from scratch. FINN makes it work.

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Bank-grade security

Extensive KYC procedure and world class security for all transactions.

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Real-time data

Access transaction and user data through the FINN dashboard.

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FINN covered in articles by leading platforms
3 min. read

FINN covered in articles by leading platforms

Lately, FINN has been getting a lot of international attention. Last month our solution was discusse…

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PRESS RELEASE: Dutch fintech FINN is making a move to Japan
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PRESS RELEASE: Dutch fintech FINN is making a move to Japan

Amsterdam, July 13 2020 - The Dutch FINN is moving to Japan and will collaborate with ICT company Mi…

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Cars-as-a-service: reinventing car ownership
5 min. read

Cars-as-a-service: reinventing car ownership

Buying a car doesn’t happen overnight. That’s because it often means a long-term financial commitmen…

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IoT Payment Toolkit

Our toolkit is an understandable ecosystem that offers everything you need to:

  • Add autonomous payments to your IoT device
  • Manage actions and see your data
  • Define actions and triggers
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